A donation of $50,000 could help one of our ambassadors continue the research and development on the remarkable device he created to remove Microplastics from water, and deepen his patent protection.

This young student, scientist, anti-plastic pollution innovator is focused on solving the world’s plastic pollution crisis. His passion to clean up the environment led him to create a device to remove microplastics from water and contribute to the achievement of a more circular economy.

When he learned about these harmful tiny plastic particles that cause irreversible damage to ecosystems, he became determined to find a solution to solve this problem. He is working on that now! Did you know that we consume a credit card worth of plastic every week through contaminated food and water, and this consumption has been linked to Alzheimer’s and cancer? Something must be done!

With your help, our ambassador can continue his research, development and testing to commercialize his brilliant device. Just imagine, your donation could contribute directly to cleaning up the environment by removing microplastics from our water, and be a part of solving one of the most important environmental problems in the world.

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