The AAT Project is pleased to introduce the AAT Foundation, a not-for-profit organization facilitating the advancement of STEM/STEAM education for brilliant Gen Ys and Gen Zs. The AAT Foundation was created due to The AAT Project’s desire to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities, as well as to advance STEM/STEAM education, by providing financial support to Millennials and Post-Millennials with groundbreaking ideas. Our mission is to provide these young innovators with the resources necessary to foster their vision, finance their education, and supply whatever is necessary to fulfill their dreams.

The AAT Project believes that the solutions to the world’s toughest problems lie in the minds of today’s youth, and prides itself on its mission to discover these brilliant young minds in STEM/STEAM, whose innovations will change the world. While fulfilling its mission and discovering young innovators from various backgrounds, AAT realized that many of our ambassadors lacked the financial resources necessary to bring their vision to life. To address this important issue, the AAT Foundation Was Born.

Your Donation Will Change The Lives Of Tomorrow's Leaders.